Join us on a Life Changing Journey

Since 2007, volunteers from the Peace Country and Holland have been travelling to Kenya with the mission of making a difference in the lives of others.

This winter, Global Mission Possible will be returning to continue our support of Victory Academy and initiate new projects and education. In partnership with the Great Commission, a non-profit charitable organization, Global Mission Possible has played a vital role each year in supporting a number of ongoing projects to help communities overcome the challenges of poverty.

The GMP approach is participatory development as opposed to providing aid. We must address poverty-related issues and empower women, men and children to become economically independent. Our aim is to reduce extreme poverty by equipping communities with relevant knowledge and skills which can allow them to take charge of their own development.

Global Mission Possible and the Fairview community, as well as the Friesland community in Holland, have had a special relationship with the community of Suswa and the school, Victory Academy, since 2008. Many years ago, one man and one woman came from the lush mountainside to the dry, dusty valley below to bring God’s Word to the people. They wanted to help their fellow Kenyans. When they saw the large number of abandoned children in the Suswa area, they could not turn their backs. They started taking in children, and had soon founded a school, which provides both education and also a home to many of their students. This school moved from building to building as rents went up and became unaffordable. Finally, through hard work, compassionate giving, and the grace of God (and help from GMP) they were able to purchase land. Over the next few years, the land was fenced, plans were drawn up and construction began on the school and dormitories, all with financial support and volunteers from the Peace Country and the Netherlands. In 2013, the school was finally completed. Our goal this summer is to provide beds and bedding for the dormitories and install an all-important cistern to store water and irrigate their newly planted gardens. Our goal is to fundraise for these projects and hope $20000 can give them the cistern/watertank and huge slab of concrete between the school buildings. This also is valuable for the school children to dance, play and walk, to not always be in the dust. This creates better health and we hope to prevent gitters foot flies. We hope to get a small businesses going. Our first goal is a hair salon, to get them to generate an income.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

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