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Together as ONE,
we transform lives

Welcome to our

Global Mission Possible Community

Our Vision

"You are invited to join us on a journey...of LIFE with special needs children; to grow with us, as we discover their uniqueness in giving, loving and expressing themselves.


Prepare to renew your mindset, your stereotypes, your perceptions, as we welcome you to the inner circle, the inner sanctuary - the innermost being of these special children. To behold them as Our Lord does, to structure and enrich their lives in tandem with how Heaven sees fit and not how mediocre society judges them.

They are God's gift to us to teach us how to love enlarge the capacity of our hearts, to bare our souls in loving them so that we reach a deeper reassurance that they truly are God's children and it is us who need to learn to be more patient.... more kind...more tolerant.


There is no place for shame or guilt here amongst us.

These emotions have to change starting with us.

To enlighten the eyes of your heart further, please watch the video of a parent who has found the courage to share her story.


A talk about Special needs children, our gifts from God.
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Our Mission

Our Mission is to hold your hand along this journey...of extraordinary capacity to love.

And know that you’re not alone.

The Journey of the inner sanctum of your special child begins here.


Global Mission Possible aspires to make you and your children feel warmly welcomed in a community where they will feel a sense of belonging and fit into a community where they will not feel left behind.

At the heart of Global Mission Possible lies our attitude of giving only the best. We aim to focus on yours and your child’s interests.

Our Purpose

Global Possible is building a Web community where you will be able to network with others to get help and procure information; thus, enabling you to feel more connected, accepted and heard.

We aspire to build your trust and your confidence in knowing that there is someone and somewhere to go to.


Our team is able to understand, advise and assist you with the right help needed.

Global Mission Possible is here for you as we open our doors to a listening ear.

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